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All too often trees develop weak or poor structure, requiring special care to preserve them and prevent further injury. Even trees that are routinely maintained may develop weaknesses that affect their own safety and that of people and property. The most common problem is the weak attachment that may occur when two or more branches of about equal size arise at approximately the same level on the trunk. Horizontal branches can become heavy and dangerous, leaving them more vulnerable to weakening by decay and storms. Proper pruning can shorten, lighten and thin hazardous branches. And yet in some cases, this may be inadequate to keep certain limbs or trees safe. In such instances, cabling and bracing may be required to reduce stress.

What is Tree Cabling?

Cabling involves the attachment of a flexible steel cable between branches to limit excessive limb motion and to reduce stress on a crotch or branches. Sometimes trees are cabled together for support. Bracing uses bolts or threaded rods to rigidly secure weak or split crotches, unite split trunks or branches and hold rubbing limbs together or apart. Before you undertake cabling or bracing, however, assess the internal condition of trunk and main branches and the value of the tree as compared with the cost of labor, supplies and continued maintenance. Is the tree worth the effort?
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Icons8 Sun 48 At Sunshine Tree and Landscape, all cabling and bracing performed is performed in accordance with industry accepted standards, as outlined by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

All hardware used by Preservation Tree Services for cabling and bracing is designed for use in trees and is installed accordingly. Extra high strength cable, along with forged lag bolts (with no open ends to eliminate spreading) and pre-formed cable grips provide a positive solution to the weak structure of a tree.

Inspect cabling at least annually to check the cable tension and the stability of the anchor lags and bolts. If a tree is vigorous, you may need to raise the cabling in eight to ten years to provide adequate support. Notify Sunshine Tree and Landscape to perform these annual inspections that are necessary to confirm structural stability of the cables or braces. ​

Let us give your trees the support they deserve with cabling, air spade technology, or pruning; contact us at Sunshine Tree & Landscape today!

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