Tree Service, Landscaping, and Hardscaping in High Bridge, NJ

Welcome to Sunshine Tree & Landscape, your trusted arborist, landscaping, and hardscaping professionals in High Bridge, NJ! Our team is dedicated to providing top-notch services including tree pruning, tree mulching, and tree removal, as well as landscape and hardscape services to the residents and businesses of High Bridge and the surrounding areas.

With years of experience and a passion for enhancing the natural beauty of your outdoor spaces, we take pride in being your go-to experts for all things green and growing. Sunshine Tree & Landscape is proudly licensed by the New Jersey Board of Tree Experts #NJTC768833 and New Jersey Licensed Tree Care Experts #LTE481.

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Tree Service

Trees are not just our profession; they are our passion. We understand the vital role they play in our environment and how they contribute to the aesthetic charm of your property. Here’s a glimpse into the tree services we offer:

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Tree Removal:

Sometimes, the health or safety of your property demands the removal of a tree. Whether it’s a hazardous, dead, or simply unwanted tree, our skilled team uses the latest techniques and equipment to safely and efficiently remove it. We ensure minimal disruption to your surroundings and strive to leave your property in pristine condition.

Stump Grinding:

Don’t let unsightly tree stumps mar the beauty of your landscape. Our stump grinding services are designed to eliminate those remnants, leaving your yard ready for new landscaping projects or simply a smoother, more manicured look.

Tree Cabling:

For trees that need extra support to withstand heavy winds or snow loads, our tree cabling services can help. Our certified arborists carefully assess the tree’s condition and install cables that provide structural support without compromising its health or aesthetics.

Tree Pruning:

Pruning is essential for maintaining the health and appearance of your trees. Our team employs precise pruning techniques to remove dead or diseased branches, improve tree structure, and enhance their overall vitality. Tree pruning also promotes better air circulation and light penetration for a thriving landscape.

Tree Mulching:

Mulch is like a nutrient-rich blanket for your trees and shrubs. It helps conserve moisture, suppress weeds, regulate soil temperature, and improve overall soil health. Our mulching services not only protect your trees but also enhance the beauty of your landscape.

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Residential hardscape projects in New Jersey and Pennsylvania with products manufactured by Belgard, an Oldcastle Company.

Landscape Services

Beyond trees, your outdoor space can be transformed into a stunning living area that reflects your personality and style. Our landscape services are dedicated to creating outdoor environments that invite you to relax, entertain, and connect with nature. Here’s what we offer:
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Our hardscaping services encompass a wide range of features that add structure and character to your outdoor space. From pathways to retaining walls, we use high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship to create functional and beautiful hardscape elements.

Pavers (Walkways, Driveways, Patios):

Pavers are a versatile choice for your outdoor surfaces. Whether you desire an inviting walkway, a durable driveway, or an elegant patio, our paver installations are designed to withstand the elements while enhancing the aesthetics of your property.

Retaining and Decorate Block Walls:

Retaining walls not only serve a functional purpose in preventing soil erosion but also add a touch of elegance to your landscape. Our decorative block walls are built to last and can be customized to complement your outdoor design.

Tree & Shrub Mulching:

Beyond trees, we offer mulching services for your entire landscape. Mulch not only conserves moisture and suppresses weeds but also enriches the soil with essential nutrients, promoting the health and vibrancy of your plants.

Landscape Design & Installation:

Our landscape design experts work closely with you to bring your outdoor vision to life. We consider factors such as your preferences, the local climate, and the existing features of your property to create a customized design that maximizes both beauty and functionality. Once the design is finalized, our skilled team brings it to reality with meticulous installation.

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Serving High Bridge & Northern New Jersey

A family-run business since 1999, Sunshine Tree & Landscape provides tree services throughout Hunterdon and Warren Counties, New Jersey. Our team of experts, including a licensed N.J. tree professional, is dedicated to enhancing the beauty of your entire landscape and ensuring the health of your trees, young and old.


1. What sets Sunshine Tree & Landscape apart from other tree and landscaping companies in the area?

We take pride in our deep-rooted commitment to the local community. Our team comprises experienced professionals who are not only skilled in their craft but also passionate about preserving the natural beauty of High Bridge and its surroundings. We prioritize safety, environmental sustainability, and personalized service. Our dedication to quality workmanship and customer satisfaction is what sets us apart.

2. Are your arborists and landscapers certified and insured?

Yes, our team consists of certified arborists and experienced landscapers who are well-trained in their respective fields. Additionally, we are fully insured to protect both our team and your property during the course of our work. You can have peace of mind knowing that you’re working with professionals who prioritize safety and expertise.

3. How often should I schedule tree pruning and maintenance for my property?

The frequency of tree pruning and maintenance can vary depending on factors such as the tree species, age, and overall health. As a general guideline, it’s a good idea to have your trees inspected and pruned every 2-3 years to ensure their health and structural integrity. However, some trees may require more frequent attention, while others can go longer between maintenance visits. Our certified arborists can provide personalized recommendations based on your specific trees and landscape.

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Need an Arborist in High Bridge, NJ?

Here at Sunshine Tree & Landscape, we take great pride in our commitment to preserving the natural beauty of High Bridge, NJ, and its surroundings. Our team of skilled arborists and landscapers is dedicated to enhancing your outdoor space while nurturing the environment. Whether you need some tree care or landscaping services, we’re here to make your outdoor dreams a reality.

Reach out to us today for a consultation, and let’s embark on a journey to transform your property into a verdant oasis that you’ll cherish for years to come. Together, we can nurture the beauty of High Bridge, one tree and one landscape at a time!