Icons8 Sun 48 Arborist Climbing Equipment & Power Tools in Stewartsville, NJ

Sunshine Tree & Landscape uses only the best for its work around Stewartsville, NJ. Read on to learn more about the brands and products that we rely on every day!

VORTEX® V-12 Brush Chipper

The V-12 has more capacity than any other chipper in the 12-inch class. The VORTEX® V-12 has an opening of 12 inches high by 32 inches wide, substantially bigger than it’s competitors. Making it suitable for multiple markets others can’t handle. Tree care, municipalities, utility line maintenance, golf course management, and even light land clearing are all better suited to the VORTEX® V-12 than others in its class.

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IQ Outdoor Power Tools

IQ offers a complete selection of power tools to fit your business needs. An arborist’s cutting tools, such as saws and blades, deserve particular attention. IQ’s iQ360XT 14″ Dust Control Table Saw is an industrial-grade cutting tool that can cut through heavy branches and other hard-to-cut items.

Husqvarna Chainsaws and Lawn Equipment

Husqvarna offers a wide selection of equipment for tree and lawn care. Their products include chainsaws, remote mowers, ridable mowers, trimmers, blowers, and specialized clearing saws designed to be used on trees.

Buckingham Manufacturing Arborist Climbing Equipment

When working on trees and setting up tree cabling, you need to be able to climb them safely. Buckingham Manufacturing produces well-made and sturdy climbing equipment to keep you safe. Their selection includes climbers, body belts, harnesses, and other devices.

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LogRite Woodworking Tools

LogRite is an innovative company with a long and proud history in the logging and woodworking industry. They carry tools for various logging needs, and their selection includes arches, hooks, trailers, tongs, carts, tool lubricant, and more. In addition, their products are proudly made in America.

Arborwear Arborist Clothes & Gear

Working with trees and lumber is hard work; you need the proper clothing and gear to do the job right. Their clothing is designed to protect you from the elements and common hazards such as chainsaws, as your tools can be dangerous and accidents happen. Arborwear carries pants, boots, out-layer clothing, and more.

Leonardi Stump Grinding Teeth

Your stump grinder is an important part of your business, and you need the best teeth for your grinder to provide the performance you expect. Leonardi carries a range of grinder teeth to fit every type of job and budget.

Marlow Climbing & Rigging Rope

When climbing trees, your ropes are vitally important. Marlow offers climbing ropes, rigging ropes, and accessories such as throw lines to ensure you can climb trees and work on them in a safe environment. They carry a wide range of rope types and lengths to fit your needs.

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