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An air spade is a diagnostic and remedial tool. With Sunshine Tree & Landscape‘s pressurized air spade, we can safely excavate the soil surrounding a tree without damaging the bark or the roots. This gives us the opportunity to help a tree that was planted too deep, to remove soil and or mulch off the tree (which is a factor in tree diseases), and to examine the roots for removal of girdling (choking) roots. When soil is compacted around a tree, we can discharge air in the soil to relieve compaction. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with excavating, pruning, and tackling other tree hazards in Stewartsville, NJ!

The Air Spade: Exciting Technology

The air spade is a state-of-the-art excavation tool that is revolutionizing the arboricultural industry. The air spade uses great volumes of compressed air to remove and break up soil—even hard clay—without damaging roots, cables or buried utility lines. The focused air stream cuts through soil quickly and with great accuracy in considerably less time than conventional digging, allowing for more efficient service.

 Help For Root & Soil Problems

Problems with roots and soil often lead to plant failure. Patrick Parker, Director of Plant Health Care at SavATree states, “SavATree now uses this powerful handheld device to expose root systems, thereby more effectively diagnosing and treating plant and tree problems that may have been difficult or impractical in the past.” The Air Spade also provides a new method to more precisely develop long-term care plans.

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Icons8 Sun 48 Why Air Spade?

  • Immediate visual inspection and correction of specific plant health concerns.
  • Quick, accurate, diagnosis of plant diseases and the extent of decay without extensive root system damage.
  • One step aeration and soil replacement to reduce soil compaction.
  • Trench with minimum disturbance of roots during utility or construction projects.
  • Facilitates application of specifically blended materials to promote root growth and survival rate.
  • Air Spading can accurately reveal the cause of declining plant health in an otherwise healthy row of trees or shrubs.

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