Icons8 Sun 48 Bed Edging in Stewartsville, NJ

Landscape beds benefit from some sort of landscape edging, whether the edge is cut with a sharp spade or it’s more of a permanent landscape edging made from plastic, metal or masonry products. In addition to creating a well-defined border on a flower bed, edging helps prevent the spread of stoloniferous grasses into the bed area.

Edges cut mechanically or with a spade need to be done at least once a year, while impervious edging tends to be a more permanent solution provided shrub growth has been taken into consideration. While impervious edging will cost more at the outset, some savings will be realized over the years since beds won’t have to be re-edged. ​Contact us at Sunshine Tree & Landscape in Stewartsville, NJ today for edging, and other hardscaping services!

We’ve included some photos below of various types of landscape edging:

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