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Understanding fertilizer numbers

The label on the fertilizer bag is required to show the percentage by weight of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium:​​

  • The First number is Nitrogen, which promotes overall grass shoot growth.
  • The Second number is Phosphorous, which promotes strong root growth.
  • The Third number is Potassium, which helps grass withstand stress, for example, drought or disease. For example, a 24-2-8 Fertilizer has 24% Nitrogen, 2% Phosphorous, and 8% Potassium. Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium are also sometimes referred to as N-P-K.

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Dry Granular Fertilizer

Quality Seasons applies only premium quality granular fertilizers. Each application is custom blended for that specific season and current weather conditions. We custom-tailor your lawn care program to fit your lawn’s needs. Consistent feeding from the beginning to the end of the season is one key to your lawn’s success. Contact us at Sunshine Tree & Landscape for assistance with fertilizer, aeration, lawn disease treatment, and more!

Benefits of consistent care are:

  1. Wake up your lawn and help it to recover faster from winter stress and damage.
  2. Improved Lawn color, thin spots begin to fill in and overall health improves.
  3. Improved Leaf Vigor. (Resistance from Traffic.)
  4. Slow-Release fertilizer is used to prepare your lawn for the tough and stressful summer months.
  5. Maintains color without pushing growth during the hottest months. Slow-release Granular Fertilizer is used.
  6. Provides added nutrients grass plants need to enter into winter in-peak condition. Slow-release Granular Fertilizer used.

Did You Know?

  • We only use dry granular fertilizers.
  • We only use Phosphorous-free fertilizers.
  • We always blow stray fertilizer granules from the hard surfaces back onto the lawn to eliminate runoff into the sewers, streams, and lakes.
  • We include informative lawn care tips that allow you to team up with us to ensure better results.
  • We let you know when and how much to water.
  • We let you know what is the correct mowing height.
  • We remind you to sharpen your mower blade.

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