Experienced Hardscapers in Warren County, NJ

No landscape is complete without a beautiful hardscape complement. Whether it’s a paver patio, retaining wall, fire pit or some other hardscape feature, having something manmade to offset the natural appeal of your landscape is an ideal way to realize the true value of your property.

At Sunshine Tree & Landscape, we take pride in helping homeowners to realize the true potential of their property by providing the very best in hardscaping solutions. Our expertise runs deep and we have an extensive portfolio of completed products that showcase our skills. No matter the vision for your landscape, no matter the size of your property, know that we’re able to bring your hardscaping vision to life.


hardscape-paversThe secret to any great hardscape is an expertise with pavers in Warren County, NJ. Pavers offer a versatile, beautiful way to transform your landscape. From the creation of paver patios in Warren County, NJ, to walking paths, retaining walls, fire pits and beyond, pavers are the ultimate building block and your secret to a beautiful hardscape.

We offer a full selection of paver colors and styles to help you secure the very best aesthetic possible on your property. We take into account the color of your home, the foliage present on your landscape and the size of the intended feature, to produce results that are simply stunning.

Patios and retaining walls

Beautiful, versatile and value-additive, patios and retaining walls are among the most popular hardscaping projects. These hardscape features stand out brilliantly in any setting and can be highly customized to add cohesion to your property. Most frequently, they’re also used to bridge the gap between natural and manmade features, blending your home to the world around it.

At Sunshine Tree & Landscape, we have a depth of experience in engineering patios and retaining walls to meet the demands of your property. Whether your retaining wall is functional, aesthetic or a combination of both, we aim to build it to the highest of expectations and beyond. The same holds true for your patio—no matter the size, dimensions, shape or intended use, we’re ready to tackle your project.


Custom hardscape features

When you’re working with Sunshine Tree & Landscape, you can be certain that you have the most experienced hardscapers in Warren County, NJ on your side. We can tackle any hardscaping project to the fullest, producing stunning, custom results that are truly unique to your property. From fire pits to pathways and beyond, consult with us regarding your vision for a custom hardscape feature and watch as we make it a reality.

For more information about our capabilities or to speak with a contractor regarding your intended hardscape project, contact us today by calling 908-387-1111. We’re happy to provide estimates on all projects and are happy to work with you to iron out the details of your vision.

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