Five Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Massimo ATV as a Landscaper in Warren County, NJ

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We’ve all been there as property owners—it’s Sunday morning and there’s a ton of yard work to be done. No matter the season, our yards never stop when it comes to maintenance, and sometimes the jobs are big. From hauling tools from one spot to another to pulling stumps, we rely on machines, and often our everyday vehicles shoulder the burden. However, for the landscaper in Warren County, NJ, there is another option: a Massimo all-terrain vehicle (ATV). Here are some ways you can get the most out of your ATV:

  • Hauling: One of the biggest problems facing large property landscapers is getting debris out of the way. While a chipping trailer will make short work of hauling organic material, getting a tree from one end of the yard to the other on a clumsy trailer can prove difficult on challenging terrain. For an ATV hauler, moving branches can save time and frustration, and the same is true of moving equipment like chainsaws, hoes and blowers over long distances.
  • Tree removal: Cutting down a small to moderately sized tree is nothing a modern chainsaw can’t take care of—it’s getting the stump out of the way that’s the problem. With the help of an ATV, removing smaller stumps is much easier than digging to find the root ball. A chain and a winch and the powerful pull of a Massimo ATV will be enough to unearth most things.
  • People moving: You’ve already relocated the gear out to your work site, but now you need the manpower, which on any given weekend means whichever friends you can enlist. With a Massimo ATV, carting yourself and one other adult over harsh terrain to where the work will take place is a cinch. Mending fences on the back 40 looks a lot less daunting when you’re headed there on a fully capable ATV.
  • Getting around: If you’re like a lot of folks with rural property, everyday upkeep is a constant concern. Undertaking regular “patrols” is a fact of life. Maybe you have a downed tree letting livestock hop a fence, or a branch across an access road that’s suddenly been rendered not so accessible. Either way, an ATV makes patrolling your land more efficient and quicker when you can easily drive over rough surfaces.
  • Versatility: Let’s say you’re ready to put the finishing touches on a newly renovated patio. You’ve used your ATV to haul your tools and your crew, but now you are looking for a way to move some decorative boulders into position. Your buddies are gone for the day and you’re on your own. With a little imagination, your Massimo ATV and an improvised fulcrum will allow you to get the boulder airborne without much sweat.

As you can see, the modern ATV is no souped-up golf cart. These machines are meant to work as hard as they play, and are essential for anyone serious about their property or landscaping business. If you’re a landscaper in Warren County, NJ, contact the team at Sunshine Tree & Landscape to find out more about what a Massimo ATV can do for you!

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