Take Advantage of Using Mulch from Bandit Chippers

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Home gardeners and crop producing farms everywhere seek out organic mulch for its all-natural benefits, including using it around vegetable and ornamental plants and to boost soil health with its rich, unaltered nutrients. Do you have tree trimmings or tree trunks ready to be hauled away? You might hold off, and let Bandit chippers from Sunshine Tree & Landscape turn your green waste into valuable, nutrient-rich mulch!

What is mulch?

If you’re a landscaper in Warren County, NJ, then you’ve worked with mulch in gardens as well as on general landscaping projects. Mulch is a natural gardening material composed of decaying leaves, bark and other green waste debris, which is either collected from the ground or produced using a chipper. Many types of wood chippers, such as Bandit chippers, are equipped with a number of grind settings to supply you with mulch ranging in consistency from very fine to very coarse. Here are some of the key advantages to be gained from using mulch:

  • Beautifies your flower garden: One of the most popular uses for mulched wood waste is to make flower gardens and entire landscapes look beautiful. Chunkier mulch looks good at the base of plants and trees, but don’t let it touch tree trucks or plant stems. Pull mulch a couple inches away from trunks to prevent moisture from settling and causing rot and mold, or attracting insect-seeking pests.
  • Creates a natural weed barrier: Ditch the urge to purchase fabric and plastic weed barriers. To suppress weeds around your yard, put down a thick layer of mulch—three to four inches, depending on the amount of weeds you’re dealing with. This should be enough to keep weeds at bay, as seeds will not be able to root, germinate or push through your hefty layer of mulch.
  • Insulates soil and releases nutrients: From your vegetable garden to flowers, shrubs and trees, a quality mulch placed around all types of plants can provide nutrition and protect root systems from the elements. Mulch is an excellent material used to retain moisture in the soil, and great for encouraging the local ecosystem to thrive within. It provides a place for bugs and worms to grow, and in turn, these little critters fertilizer the soil for you.
  • Gives you nutrient-rich compost: Organic mulch will decompose slowly, first providing plants with a protective surface, then releasing valuable nutrients into the soil. The decomposing time depends on several variables, like the type of green waste used (shredded leaves vs. branches), the grind size of the mulch and if it’s kept mostly wet or dry.
  • Makes good bedding for barn animals: Folks with horses and other livestock can benefit from using wood mulch as a natural bedding for their animals—some tree shavings can even act as air fresheners. Be careful to avoid using allergy-inducing green waste, and be aware that some wood types excrete oil when cut, which can cause skin irritation in people and animals alike.

Whether you utilize a Bandit chipper for personal use or for your business, rest assured you’ve chosen the right brand for the job. If you’re a landscaper in Warren County, NJ looking for more information on heavy-duty Bandit equipment, contact the team at Sunshine Tree & Landscape today!

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