Leave Outdoor Maintenance to Avant Loaders this Winter

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Avant loaders can make outdoor maintenance tasks relatively simple during the winter. These compact, ride-able loaders are multi-functional and have the ability to interchange between attachments depending on the job. Imagine having one machine at the ready to do all your heavy lifting and hard work!

Throughout the winter months, let Avant loaders save your arms, knees and back from pain by making landscaping feel more enjoyable and less chore-like. From snow removal to salt spreading, Avant loaders are great options for a number of wintertime property and street maintenance needs. Here are some things you—or the company you hire for landscaping services in Warren County, NJ—can do with them:

  • Snow removal: In many parts of the country, clearing snow away from residential and commercial property after a snowstorm is an unavoidable task. Shoveling snow is likely the last thing you want to be doing before heading off to work, and the city snow plow may not always be able to get to your street in time. A versatile and functional piece of equipment, the Avant snow plow attachment pushes snow and frozen objects out of the way with relative ease, its blade moving along as close to the ground as possible. If you’ve been shoveling massive amounts of snow by hand year after year, consider investing in a quality loader before the next big snowstorm.
  • Sand or salt spreading: Snow on roads, driveways, walkways and your business’ parking lot can all be kept under control with a salt or sand spreader attachment from Avant. Rock salt can be spread over roads to keep them from becoming icy and slippery while, once ice has formed, salt can act as an aid in melting it away. Sand is an abrasive material applied to ice and snow to create safe traction for vehicles and pedestrians. However, sand must be on the top surface of the ice to be effective, so it should be reapplied if it becomes buried under fresh snow.
  • Clear away large pieces of debris: During wild winter storms, large branches and even whole trees can fall due to heavy winds, and sizable rocks or chunks of earth may dislodge from embankments after large volumes of rain. You can scoop, push or claw natural debris out of roadways and to the margins of your property with ease by using an Avant loader.
  • Leaf collection: Leftover fallen leaves still hanging around from the autumn months can create quite a mess. Winter storms, especially storms that feature high winds, can stir up settled fall leaves, sending debris flying into streets and yards and piling up against buildings and fences. Compact Avant loaders and attachments can navigate even the smallest of areas, helping you to collect leaves from yards, roads and walkways both large and small before they break up and turn into a bigger nuisance.

When you invest in Avant loaders, you’ll be happy to know there’s an agile and adjustable loader attachment for almost every outdoor job you can think of. Looking for an Avant loader to help you with outdoor wintertime maintenance and landscaping? You’re in luck, because Sunshine Tree & Landscape, your local source for landscaping services in Warren County, NJ, is also your local purveyor of Avant products and more! Come see us to browse our selection.

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