How Avant Loaders Can Help a Landscaper in Warren County, NJ

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There are some machines the landscaper in Warren County, NJ cannot work without, and one of those is the Avant loader. This multi-purpose tractor, mower and lifter makes many landscaping and gardening jobs much easier for the professional and do-it-yourselfer alike. As an authorized dealer and user of the Avant loader, we would love to share the advantages offered by this product:

  • Ground care: The Avant loader comes equipped with attachments and capabilities for all types of ground care. It can remove snow, mow lawns and spread sand. With different tire options, it can work on the most sensitive landscapes as well as move effortlessly over rough terrain. Heavier work like moving earth, digging and even paving is also within the ground care applications for this innovative vehicle. There are over 100 attachments available to adapt the loader to the job.
  • Heavy lifting: When performing hardscaping or landscaping jobs, carrying heavy items is frequently part of the plan. It is also more efficient than several workers with shovels when it comes to digging irrigation or moving snow. If a work site requires moving heavy pallets or bags of fertilizer or concrete, the Avant loader is ready to make that easier.
  • Leaf raking: With fall over and winter around the corner, many consumers likely appreciate the idea of help with raking leaves. Since the loader comes with a rake attachment, it can make this job much easier, especially if several deciduous trees exist together on one property. Once the raking is finished, another attachment can help carry the bags of leaves for yard debris pickup or personal compost piles.
  • Easy to drive: The loader features a hydrostatic transmission, eight-function joystick, telescopic boom and self-leveler to make it easy to drive for even your newest worker. For consumers, it is easy to learn. The unrestricted field of view makes it even easier to maneuver—no danger of running over other workers or errant logs here.
  • Perfect for truck or trailer: The loader also travels easily! For the enterprising landscaper, this makes it simple to provide good services anywhere in Warren County. If you are a consumer, this means that if you move, your loader can come with you rather than become a quick dump on Craigslist in order to lighten the load.
  • Different cab options: Depending on your workload, you may require different types of cabs. There are open models if you perform landscaping and property maintenance mainly in the spring and summer. If you are an all-year-round type of worker, there are full cabs with heaters and radios, too. Add a safety frame if terrain makes rolling over a possibility, and put up a windshield if your job description often involves spraying and mowing.

Sunshine Tree & Landscape is a landscaper in Warren County, NJ that is also an authorized Avant dealer. Contact us today learn more about the Avant loader or inquire about our wide range of affordable and high quality landscaping and hardscaping services.

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