Five Applications for Bandit Chippers in Warren County, NJ

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Bandit chippers are not just about making bark dust. There are several applications where the chippers are useful, including landscaping, but also a few other industries you may not have considered. As an authorized dealer, we frequently notice the flexibility of this equipment and its contributions to sustainability. Here are the applications where we frequently see Bandit chippers in Warren County, NJ:

  • Heavy wood grinding: When stumps are removed, the next difficult step is turning them into a sustainable product. With different levels of strength and utility, Bandit chippers are offered in degrees that can handle stumps as well as tree branches. Different models can operate in smaller backyards with vulnerable plant species as well as steep terrain in heavily forested areas. With capacities starting at six inches and going all the way up to 21 inches, there are few places where these chippers cannot be available to handle tree stumps or large branches.
  • Forestry and logging: While landscaping is frequently considered when it comes to chippers, many overlook the role these machines have in logging. A whole-tree chipper can reduce logs that may not be appropriate as lumber. The resulting chips are used for the logging roads or resold in the market for consumer purposes. Even if wood cannot be used for building, it still maintains water control features that can make roads and foot paths more manageable for travel. Keeping a wood chipper means less waste and expanded options for repurposing.
  • Land clearing: When preparing acreage for other functions, wood chippers become necessary. Stumps, branches and logs need to be reduced to manageable forms, and just as with logging operations, the chips can have other uses. Many consumers will take home wood chips for their own gardens, for example. With a good wood chipper involved, land clearing happens efficiently and quickly.
  • Recycling: Besides tree branches and stumps, wood chippers work on other items, too. When it is time to recycle pallets, the wood chipper can reduce them appropriately for easier handling. Municipalities also use wood chippers when tree waste needs reuse or recycling, whether that is from trimming trees or removing diseased ones. For artificial materials and large wood grinding projects, Bandit also offers the Beast XP-Series to handle the toughest jobs in a safe and efficient manner.
  • Mulch: The best part about a wood chipper is that it can turn waste into a marketable product. Wood chips provide a raw material source that works great in compost piles and gardens. Consumers enjoy using wood chips as a form of weed control, and stables will also use them as bedding for horses and other livestock. Landscapers will also stock up on mulch for yard projects that require it. Depending on the market you wish to target for your waste wood, you can choose a number of grind options from coarse to fine.

Sunshine Tree & Landscape provides a variety of arborist equipment including Bandit chippers in Warren County, NJ. To request assistance with a stump removal or find your own chipper, give us a call or send us a message today.

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