Benefits of Including Lawn Aeration as Part of Your Landscaping Services in Warren County, NJ

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Lawn aeration is often associated with making holes and creating dirt pellets that litter your personal green space. However, it is much more than the holes and the litter—it helps water, air and fertilizers get to the roots of your grass. If you are looking at landscaping services in Warren County, NJ before winter hits, here are seven reasons why you should add lawn aeration to the list.

  • You had a busy summer: The constant traffic of active kids and pets leads to soil compaction, which limits the access of water and nutrients to the roots. Once the outdoor activity starts to die down, aerating your lawn helps in the recovery process.
  • You live in new construction: When homes are first constructed, the topsoil is often stripped with hard subsoil left in its place. While your new home and lawn may look great now, the grass will struggle to survive over the winter, as moisture will fail to penetrate deep enough into the ground. Aerating now reverses this effect, which is often forgotten in discussions of new construction.
  • Thatch issues: If your lawn dries easily but remains spongy, you likely have excessive thatch. Dig a hole in your lawn and check the depth of the thatch. If it is more than one-half inch, you probably need aeration services.
  • Sod and soil layering: Finer soil layered over existing courser soil will disrupt drainage and water access to the roots. This is common with lawns laid with sod, too. With the compaction issues soon to follow, aeration will reverse these effects before your lawn suffers.
  • You’re not big on insects: Lawns that are not aerated eventually develop a thatch layer. This is prime breeding ground for pests that can make your backyard experience unpleasant. Some insects also prey on your other yard plants, so they are definitely not welcome guests in any way. Give them one less place to live and you can control their infestation without using pesticides.
  • Pulling weeds isn’t fun, either: While lawns do not enjoy compacted soil, weeds love it. Unlike your grass, they tolerate it well and can likely thrive while your lawn dies out. If you aerate the lawn, the grass has a fighting chance, and weeds reduce their numbers enough that you can likely keep up with pulling them as they emerge.
  • You prefer to water less frequently: Controlling thatch and soil compaction means better drainage and more water going to the roots of the grass. When there is hard soil or poor irrigation, you are likely having to water your lawn more frequently, increasing your consumption and producing not much more than a soaked puddle within your lawn. Adding aeration means a little goes a long way when you need to water.

Sunshine Tree & Landscape offers high quality and affordable lawn aeration and other landscaping services in Warren County, NJ. Contact us today to give your yard one last maintenance sweep before the cold temperatures begin.

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