Hire a Landscaper in Warren County, NJ This Fall to Keep Your Yard in Shape

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Most homeowners spend a lot of time during the summer worrying about their landscaping. From mowing the lawn and trimming bushes to planting new flowers, landscaping is an enjoyable task during the summer months. But just because fall is fast approaching does not mean you can completely forego your landscaping duties. Indeed, to ensure a healthy lawn and quality landscaping next summer, there are some important landscaping tasks you might want to think about doing this fall.

While you may consider handling some of these tasks on your own, a better idea is to leave it to a professional landscaper in Warren County, NJ in order to ensure your lawn is prepared for winter. Here are some common fall landscaping tasks:

  • Lawn mowing: Some people stop cutting their lawn far too early in the fall. Keep track of weather forecasts, and even late into the season you should still try and get a final lawn mowing completed. A trimmed lawn will handle the cold winter months much better than if it were longer grass.
  • Leaf collection: The most common fall landscaping task is leaf collection. Leaves seem to get everywhere and some people simply ignore them. Ignoring all those leaves will negatively impact the health of your lawn come spring, so make sure you collect them routinely. Hiring a professional landscaper in Warren County, NJ for leaf collection is a great idea since they have the right equipment to make it a quick and easy job.
  • Landscaping maintenance: Spend a weekend doing some final landscaping maintenance. Plant some shrubs in order to give them a head start for the following summer. Trim dead leaves and branches, and reduce the size of bushes by cleaning them up. Getting rid of excess weight on plants allows them to stay healthier throughout the winter. Finally, remember to mulch younger plants to ensure their survival during the coldest part of the year.
  • Aeration: Aerating your lawn is absolutely critical before the winter sets in. By aerating the lawn you can reduce water pooling during fall, and more importantly, it will let rainwater to seep deeper into the soil, providing important nutrients for your plants and grass. Plants stock up on nutrients before winter; make it easier for them by aerating during fall.
  • Plant food: For perennial plants, cut down on plant food as you go throughout the fall. However, you might want to consider applying fertilizer to your grass before any snow comes in.

Proper care for your lawn and landscaping this fall will ensure a healthy lawn once spring comes back around. Neglecting your lawn during this part of the year will make your landscaping chores much more difficult after the snow melts. If you are a little tight on time, or are unsure of how to go about fall landscaping tasks yourself, consider hiring a professional landscaper in Warren County, NJ to do the job for you. You can save time and ensure the landscaping is done correctly by going with a professional. Consider Sunshine Tree & Landscape for your fall landscaping needs.

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