Make Sure Mulching Is a Component of Your Landscaping Services in Warren County, NJ

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Tired of pulling weeds? Wincing about rising water costs? Want to enrich the fertility of your soil? Then consider using mulch in your garden! Mulch, especially when plant-based, offers innumerable advantages to home gardeners, including reducing overall lawn maintenance, minimizing water usage and improving soil quality and fertility.

Mulch is simply any material placed on the soil to cover and protect it. Many different materials can be used, ranging from straw to decorative gravel. Any provider of landscaping services in Warren County, NJ will tell you that effective mulches allow air and water to penetrate the soil and are long lasting and attractive. Want to learn more about mulch? Continue reading below.

Avoid the hassle of weeds

Wondering how to deal with nasty weeds? Well, many people blast harsh chemicals all over their landscaping to kill weeds, but guess what? There is a less expensive, more effective and more environmentally friendly option. One of the greatest benefits of using mulch is that it can reduce the many hours spent weeding your garden. For starters, it stops weeds from germinating in the first place by blocking sunlight. Without a doubt, mulch is the most effective way to do this.

Once your landscaping is mulched, you’ll still have occasional weeds from airborne seeds. But the weeds will easily be removed, because their roots will be less entrenched. If the mulch is damp, weeds will come out easily with the twist of a trowel or when pulled by hand. Instead of using harsh chemical weed killers, have a landscaping service in Warren County, NJ mulch your yard and severely reduce the problems posed by weeds.

Help keep your plants well-hydrated

Mulch also acts as a sponge, which easily absorbs water while simultaneously reducing evaporation from the soil. Over time, this allows your landscaping to be much better at water retention and conservation. During daylight hours, plants are constantly using water. Absorbing it through their roots, they use it to process nutrients, and eventually release it through their leaves. By adding mulch, you’ll have a buffer keeping the water in the soil—again, think of the sponge metaphor. In the process, you’ll have healthy plants and minimize your water usage. Especially with occasional rain shortages, or if you forget to water your plants once in a while, mulching is a great way to keep your landscaping hydrated.

You can also use mulch to enrich your soil. Plant-based mulches, in particular, improve the fertility of your soil, which is the key to having healthy plants. Mulch will decompose and add organic matter to your soil, while feeding both the visible and invisible organisms that keep your garden healthy, such as earthworms and microorganisms. Consider your landscaping like a small ecosystem. Mulch benefits every layer of the ecosystem, thereby enabling your landscaping to thrive.

Before mulching, talk to professional landscaping services in Warren County, NJ about different mulch options available, and determine what strategies might enable mulch to best benefit your specific landscaping. If you are interested in making your landscaping thrive this summer, we hope you’ll consider the many benefits of mulching.

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