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Rough cut lumber is simply wood that has been cut into boards and left unfinished. Since the making of rough cut lumber takes less effort and time at your local saw mill in Warren County, NJ, it is generally much cheaper than finished lumber. For larger building projects, significant savings can be found by using rough cut lumber, although a little more work is necessary on the part of the customer. Read ahead to learn more about telling the difference between finished and rough cut wood, as well as tips on how to buy and use unfinished wood products.

Rough cut vs. finished lumber

Telling the difference between finished and rough cut wood products is rather easy with a little bit of know-how. Start by checking the ends of the lumber. Unlike finished lumber, rough cut lumber has not gone through the same sanding or other manufacturing processes. The ends of rough cut lumber will be uneven, angled and much less smooth.

Other imperfections may also be noticeable to the naked eye when inspecting rough cut wood. The surface has not gone through all the same processes as finished lumber, so it will be rougher and often have splinters or bits of shaving and other imperfections. Finished lumber is sanded smooth, therefore adding to the time and cost of manufacturing. Due to its lower manufacturing cost, going with rough cut is an easy way to save money.

Also inspect the thickness of any lumber you’re considering. Finished lumber has been sanded smooth, which removes several of the top layers. Rough lumber, on the other hand, has not, so it will be slightly thicker. In fact, rough cut lumber is purposely left larger than finished wood to enable customers to both dry and sand the wood into a finished product. In sum, rough cut lumber will appear noticeably different than finished wood products. It definitely will look more rustic, and especially when you’re buying in bulk or larger sizes, it will come at a significantly lower cost than finished wood. If lower costs or rustic appearance are what you are after, then talk to your local saw mill in Warren County, NJ about the benefits of using rough cut lumber.

Smart shopping tips

Once you have chosen to use rough cut lumber, take the time to learn more about the buying process. Just as you can with finished wood products, you can easily walk away with either great or low quality rough cut lumber. In general, many of the same standards apply to finished and unfinished products, such as looking for the right color and avoiding wood with large ovals or imperfections.

Buying the right pieces is also critical. Take a tape measure with you and be prepared to shop wisely. Especially with rough cut wood, it is important to get pieces that are thicker and longer than you actually need for the project. By doing so you leave extra room for shrinking during the drying process, and for sanding if you plan on finishing it yourself. Another good idea is to buy extra, leaving greater room for error, which makes sense if you’re already saving money by going with rough cut instead of finished. For more information, stop over to a saw mill in Warren County, NJ to learn more about rough cut lumber and how you can use it in your next project.

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