Spring’s Arrival Means the Arrival of Weeds

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Springtime means baseball, sunshine and flowers. But as spring approaches, prepping your lawn for the warmer weather is crucial, and the secret to having a beautiful, thriving lawn all through spring and summer is to properly prep it. By hiring a landscaper in Warren County, NJ or going through and working on your own, you’ll develop an irrepressible lawn that doesn’t fall victim to the elements like sun, pests and worst of all, weeds.

The menace of weeds

Weeds are an issue that can affect any lawn, at any time, no matter where you live, but practicing a regular lawn-care regimen can ensure that your lawn is green and luscious all through the warm spring and summer seasons. So what can you do to prevent these nasty weeds from infesting your lawn?

As soon as the snow melts and winter makes its way out, you want to clear your lawn of any dead branches or debris. This is essential, as any sort of blockage can prevent your yard from breathing and growing. Once your lawn is cleared, there may be some patchy spots that need some TLC. Planting patches of grass and filling those spots is a great way to prep the lawn for the warmer months.

Stopping weeds before they start

As soon as your grass is a bit more established, you can then start applying some fertilizers and herbicides that can help discourage the growth of weeds. Fertilizers are a great tool to use because they not only discourage the growth of weeds, they help groom your lawn so that it’s thicker and lusher.

You want to make sure that when you fertilize your lawn, that you aren’t applying too much and you aren’t applying it too often. Ideally, you want to spread the fertilizer as the weather starts warming up and you want to use about a pound for every 1,000 square feet. If you have any questions or concerns, consult the back of the fertilizer bag for instructions or contact your local landscaper in Warren County, NJ.

Keeping the weeds at bay

Once fertilizer has been spread and the grass is growing, mowing your lawn is the next best thing you can do and it may surprise you, but cutting your grass does more than you think. When you mow your lawn, you not only make the lawn look good, you make it feel good! The key is not mowing your lawn too often. Mowing your lawn too much can expose needed nutrients stored in the blades of grass and it can expose the soil to sunlight, which is exactly what weeds need to grow.

Wait until your grass is a bit taller and then mow the lawn using a higher blade. If you leave your grass a bit taller, it’s able to compete with the weeds, while continuing to keep the ground shaded, allowing the soil to retain more water.

While there are a handful of tips, tricks and products available to grow your lawn and protect it from weeds, if you perform the above tasks, your lawn will be sure to grow healthy and without weeds!

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