The Importance of Working with a New Jersey Certified Tree Specialist

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Sometimes, it takes the right person for the job to make sure that it’s done correctly. You wouldn’t have a doctor tinker around under the hood of your car or a mechanic perform open heart surgery on your mother, would you? We didn’t think so. That’s why it’s important to properly vet the person who’s going to be working with your trees, to make sure that they’re a New Jersey Certified Tree Specialist.

What exactly is the difference between a New Jersey Certified Tree Specialist and some other random arborist in Warren County, NJ? The answer is simple: a Certified Tree Specialist has the knowledge and know-how to serve all of the trees that are unique to our state!

Trees are a lot like people: no two are the same, even if they look the same or have the same name. In fact, it takes a very delicate and tailored approach to giving trees the service they need and only someone who has been certified by the State of New Jersey really and truly understands exactly what needs to be done to ensure the health and wellness of a tree.

Say you’ve got a beautiful Northern Red Oak out in front of your home—which just happens to be the New Jersey state tree. You take care to have this big beauty maintained all year long and for years, you’ve had no problems with it… except for this year, when you realize that your Northern Red Oak is playing host to a Gypsy Moth infestation! What do you do and who do you call?

The obvious answer would be to call a tree care service or some other arborist in Warren County, NJ, but this might not be the right approach if you’re truly looking to save your tree. A Certified Tree Specialist is needed to thoroughly deduce the scope and depth of the problem you’re facing and this same professional will know how to treat the problem in the best way. Instead of using a “one size fits all” approach to saving your tree (and potentially damaging it in the process), a Certified Tree Specialist will get to know your tree and apply their knowledge of specialized arbor insight to make sure that they’re taking the right approach, every time.

The perks of a Certified Tree Specialist aren’t just reserved for emergencies or chances or peril when it comes to your trees, however—they’re also who you should be calling for your tree’s routine maintenance and seasonal care. Everything from pruning to tree injections can be done by a Certified Tree Specialist and chances are, your choice in professional will trump any old tree service with clippers and chainsaws.

The moral of the story here is that your trees require special knowledge to properly assess and treat—knowledge that not just anyone has at their disposal. If and when you’re dealing with a tree on your property, for whatever reason, call a New Jersey Certified Tree Specialist for the best service possible.

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