How are You Heating Your Home this Winter?

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For those people who have lived in New Jersey for any amount of time, you know just how harsh our winters can get—from the blowing winds that chill us to the bone, to the heavy snowfall and harsh temperatures that make it nearly impossible to leave your home without feeling winter’s icy grip on the state. When it comes to coping and avoiding the winter blues, many people rely on their homes to keep them warm and comfortable, so that when they do have to leave—to go to work or school or somewhere else—they’re able to return home to a welcoming environment that’s perfectly warm and cozy.

This brings about a question, however: how are you heating your home during the winter? For some, it’s through the use of a furnace in the basement; for others, it’s all about a pellet stove; and for still more, heating a home is done through a combination of an outdoor furnace and firewood in Warren County, NJ. In fact, this last method of home heating is perhaps one of the best, thanks to its high efficiency rating, low cost and easy operation, which has drive many area homeowners to consider and invest in outdoor furnaces.

Sunshine Tree & Landscape is proud to retail a variety of outdoor furnaces from Central Boiler, a well known and highly respected welding company in Minnesota, lauded for their superior quality furnace, stove and boiler products.

How does it work?

An outdoor furnace, complete with firewood in Warren County, NJ, works just like an indoor stove—firewood is burned to create heat, that heat is harnessed and distributed to the entirety of your home, creating a high level of comfort. Now, the process is much less straightforward than this, with air-to-water heat exchangers and other such things to facilitate the home heating process, but the principle remains the same.

Because outdoor furnaces are located 30 to 50 feet from your home and offer completely encased protection from any fire hazards that may potentially harm you or your family, they’re considered an exceptional alternative to many indoor combustion scenarios, such as wood burning stoves.

And, thanks to their superior efficiency when it comes to creating, trapping and directing heat, utilizing an outdoor furnace makes for tremendously lower heating costs during the harsh New Jersey winters that we’re all familiar with. Homeowners have been known to eliminate thousands of dollars in heating costs in the course of just a few years by only utilizing outdoor furnaces and firewood in Warren County, NJ!

Outfitting your home

If you’re sick of paying exorbitant costs that come with keeping your home warm and cozy all winter long or don’t want the daunting possibility of a house fire looming over your head when it comes to chimneys, wood stoves and other in-home heating elements, it might be time to consider an outdoor furnace! Let the professionals at Sunshine Tree & Landscape help explain the benefits to you and help you pick a model that’s perfect for your home and your lifestyle.

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